Hello Students!


Welcome to AP World History with Mr. Harris.

On this site, you will share current events, artifact findings and possibly other things as the year progresses. Make sure to navigate to the various tabs on the blog and read the content.

Your first assignment is the following: Read the ‘Student Blog Guidelines’ and ‘Student Comment Guidelines’ under the ABOUT section. Be sure to watch any videos included. You will comment with any additions, concerns or ideas you have on each of those sections.

Students will not start writing their own posts until I know that they understand how to comment and read others’ blogs first.

Remember, we are writing in blogs and using social media for two specific reasons.  1.) Mr Harris wants academic style writing that is concise and worth reading. 2.) Mr. Harris wants students to learn to use the Internet responsibly and to contribute worthwhile content to an expanding entity.


Don’t let this be you!

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You are all capable of 4s and 5s on the AP exam. Let’s make it happen this year!

9 thoughts on “Hello Students!

    • harrisclassroom

      Let’s work on longer and content full comments. Also, this belongs on the page of the post, not the front page. Be careful where you post!

  1. venturab

    The information given on the video is very helpful as it helps us understand the risk that comes with being active online and tells us how to be responsible. Even if you disagree with something just ignore it if you’re not gonna say something nice or give positive feedback. I’m looking forward to working on blogs to help me pass this class with a high grade.

    • harrisclassroom

      This is a great comment. However, you put it on the wrong post. Make sure you’re careful about not just WHAT you’re posting, but WHERE you’re posting.

  2. lopezdd

    This video shows how to write a positive comment which is very helpful for many now that we are using blogs and talking about how we feel towards others opinions without hurting someone else feelings .

    • harrisclassroom

      Let’s try to add a bit more substance in the future. Look at some of your fellow students’ comments to get an idea of what I’m looking for.

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