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Sometimes, you will be required to comment on your peers’ posts. Follow these guidelines to be sure you’re commenting appropriately. You will not need to do each of these on every post, but always start with a positive comment.


Watch this video for some quick pointers before moving into the guidelines:



1. Highlight and Praise

Point out something positive that you appreciated or connected with in the original post. Tell them something nice.

2. Connect and Share

Share how you connected or agreed with the post. You can talk about a time when something similar happened to you or how you have experienced something like they talk about. You can also connect similar points in history that you think connect to their discussion.

3. Respectfully Disagree

You will not always agree with your peers. That’s ok! Be sure to make a positive comment before you offer an alternative opinion. Highlight their positive, and then share your counter argument in a kind and respectful tone.

4. Ask Questions

If you have a question about something they talked about, ask it!

5. Talk it Out

Your post should be a solid paragraph in length. Be sure you are really giving them meaningful and worthwhile feedback.

6. Be a scholar!

Comments are not the place for such things as “FIRST POST!” or “How are you today?” All comments should be related to the post and educational in nature.  To be viewed as scholarly, we must first act in that manner.

7. Mr. Harris has final say.

All comments must be approved by Mr. Harris (not in person, the blog will alert me) before they will be posted.  To gain full credit for commenting, the comment has to be approved.  If it is not, you will have to try again.  So what does this mean?  Do it right the first time! I know you can.

22 thoughts on “Student Comment Guidelines

  1. meraric

    This video helped me understand what to comment. Everybody should take this advice. We should always be positive no matter what the topic is.

  2. riverajo

    The video helped me understand the proper way to leave a comment on someone’s blog. It helped out to realize that if you don’t agree with what the writer posted, you shouldn’t just leave rude or negative comments. Instead of leaving negative comments, we should leave positive ones that could help out the writer later on when they post something new.

  3. riosr

    This feature gave me valuable ways and future understanding on composing proficient , worth while remarks that I will utilize later on all through this class and what’s to come. He made it to a great degree simple for me to comprehend.

  4. floresa

    This video helped me understand how to write a proper comment. It also showed me that i don’t always have to agree with the writer , but I have to be reasonable and positive .Also to be positive in all circumstances no matter the topic the writer is trying to put across.

  5. pachecog

    Thanks for these guidelines without them everyone would probably do whatever they would want to comment on the blog. Although i wasn’t able to watch the video at home i have an idea it would be pretty much the same as the rules above. They help a lot if you don’t know how to work with typing or if it is your first time having to be on a blog, like myself.

  6. vidalj

    This video was really helpful, It showed how to write a proper/positive comment. Even though I don’t agree with the post, It would still give out good suggestions.

  7. hernandezmc

    I have seen this video before and It’s very helpful. I’ve always followed this. It teaches you the few things you have to go by to be a responsible person online. Everybody should watch this and follow the 6, and when it comes to AP WH, follow the 7th one!

  8. salamancaw

    As a student, these Comment Guidelines are fair for each and everyone of us. Some students are afraid to be proven wrong or being mistreated and these guidelines sound like a good way to keep control of that not happening or happening in a nice way.

  9. garciajo

    This video helped me a lot leaving comment. If I don’t agree with a post, I can still write positive things, or give suggestions instead of making bad comments.

  10. freelsp

    This video was very specific and helpful. It has taught me to leave a positive and respectful comment even if you don’t agree with the post, while still looking intelligent.

  11. millerkai

    This blog was helpful because I didn’t know commenting was such an in depth thing to do. I learned that when commenting you should always be positive , even if you disagree with the post. You should comment the way you want to be commented to. Just be a good internet citizen.

  12. huffmana

    Thank you for this post. If you didn’t I would have done the complete opposite of this video. It shows me how to leave a proper comment for my peers and at the same time encourage them. I also look intelligent while doing it.

  13. alanisa

    This video provided me with useful ways and future insight on writing professional , worth while comments that I will use later on throughout this class and the future. He made it extremely easy for me to understand , and even made me think how I made some of those bad comments in past, that I will try not to make as I blog and comment later on.

  14. gueyech

    This blog was very educational and well thought out! It showed me how to write a high quality comment that is intellectual and precise. Also, it lets me know i don’t have to be on the side of the blogger and can disagree with them while being respectable at the same time. Let’s not forget that text shortcuts aren’t a good idea when you’re writing a comment on a blog. Thank you for this blog, it will help me on making the right choices when it comes to commenting on blogs!

  15. mcneilk

    The video helped me understand the proper way to leave a comment. I also learned to use positive feedback in all of my posts even though I may not agree with a few writers about the topic.

  16. chanquind

    I feel like this section of “comment guidelines” is really helpful because it’s helping us how to use the blogs in a responsible way and the video was very helpful to because it also explains a lot of helpful ways to be positive and giving good feedback.

  17. castroj

    This video help me because one of the things i learn was about leaving positive feedback to encourage them to leave more things like that and be specific in your comment . Add some factual content that you know but the writer doesn’t. Ask questions on things you might want to know more about. But also DO NOT use texting shortcuts.

  18. cheveza

    This video was a great help to helping me make a high quality comment. It taught me that even if you don’t agree with the post you should always try to leave some type of positive feedback, regardless of the topic.

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