Student Blog Guidelines


General Blogging Guidelines

1. Think about your digital footprint

A digital footprint is a snapshot of everything you post online. Consider how you look to others viewing your post. Be sure what you’re putting out into the world is the snapshot of yourself you want to put forward. Spelling, grammar, and academic vocabulary help you create a credible footprint. Proofread and double check your work before you publish.

Be sure to THINK before you post.


Students will be penalized for inappropriate language.  Bullying will result in a detention and student conference the first time, an office referral every time after.

2. Keep your personal information private

Keep your posts free from last names, phone numbers, screen names, and personal email addresses. Although many people will want to read your blog for positive reasons, there are unsavory types of people in the world. Use your first name and last initial. Your blog is PUBLIC, so stick to information you are comfortable with the world knowing.

3. Be kind and constructive

Anytime you post about your opinion, you are taking a risk in sharing your thoughts and feelings. You will not always agree with what your peers post. You will come across topics you are passionate about. Be sure you are being kind and compassionate in your posts. Although it is always your right to have an opinion, you should refrain from sharing opinions that may make a peer feel marginalized or hurt. When commenting on the work of classmates, be positive and constructive. Focus on the good things in their post and help them be the best they can be.

4. Write about peers only with their permission

Ask for permission to talk about a peer or classmate. If you do not have their permission, do not share their name! Be wise when sharing stories about peers and classmates. If the story will make the subject uncomfortable to know it has been shared publicly, do not share it.

5. Check, double check, and then check again

Your blog posts are public once you click publish. Check your spelling and grammar before posting. It is helpful to copy and paste your post into a word processor to check for spelling mistakes before posting. You will establish credibility with your audience if your posts are well written and free from mistakes. Again, think about the digital footprint you’re portraying. Make sure you put your best foot forward.

6. Cite your sources

You should always give credit where credit is due. If you obtained any facts or even just ideas from another post or article, you MUST cite the source. If you do not give credit to the original author, you are plagiarizing. Plagiarizing will always result in falling the assignment. Please cite your sources.  Sources can be cited at the end of the post or paragraph.  If at the end of a paragraph, put source in parentheses.


7. Make sure you’re only reporting facts

Now that you know how to cite your sources, please make sure you’re using them! Be careful to not report any misconceptions. Make sure you totally understand the topics you’re talking about. This will also help with your author credibility. Be sure to use reliable sources.  Not all sources are created equal!

8. Keep it on task

You will always have an educational based assignment for blogging. You may be tempted to add your own ideas and posts of your own creation to your blog. That is fine, but please keep the posts educationally centered and class appropriate. You should avoid linking a personal blog to your class blog, as it may inadvertently reveal information you didn’t want to share.

9. Remember that the teacher reads everything

All posts and comments submitted to this or student blogs will be approved by Mr. Harris before they are published on the blog.



27 thoughts on “Student Blog Guidelines

  1. lehuuy

    These guidelines will help me THINK before posting and to keep a clean digital footprint. This will also help me communicate with my fellow peers, stay safe online, and help me in the real world.

  2. chavezka

    These guideline tell us to watch out what we put on the internet. To be leaders and show that not everything we put on social media useful for our daily lives.

  3. riosr

    The way the guidelines are set up for this online journal are exceptionally very much built. It is a glorious route for everybody to give their suppositions about work that their colleagues do. It can likewise be an awesome route for understudies to have an alternate perspective for their work and right it.

  4. floresa

    I think this blog will help us a lot.It will help us understand our expectations online and in class. Concerning grammar and writing complete and educated sentences . It also will hep communicate if we ever have questions or concerns. It will set reasonable boundaries for us to go by. It will also help us become more mature and aware of what we do on social media site and show us right from wrong.

  5. pachecog

    The way the rules are set up for this blog are very well constructed. It is a magnificent way for everyone to give their opinions about work that their classmates do. It can also be a great way for students to have a different point of view for their work and correct it.

  6. melendezj

    The student guidelines is basically about how you should be careful on what you type on the internet because it could leave a horrible digital footprint for you.

  7. vidalj

    The rules that were posted on this blog suggests the importance of actually knowing on writing a blog, which would make an improvement in students AP classes. The rule that wasn’t asked was a type of communication between other students ideas that could be shared to each others blogs. By improving each others AP skills will make learning more easier and make better project grades.

  8. hernandezmc

    I personally think that these rules are great. They are the basic guidelines everybody should follow. This actually is what websites usually expect from us (this is coming from a person who has actually read the terms and conditions of some websites.) I’m excited to see how this website and twitter thing goes. But going back to the guidelines, they are perfect! we should all follow these now, as in with things regarding the class, and also in our personal accounts on social media sites.

  9. salamancaw

    These rules are great for showing other students to use social media correctly and responsibly. Also, if a student decides to break the rules, the teacher knows who it was without any trouble and the individual(s) will have to deal with the consequences.

  10. ariaso

    The rules above are basically saying that we need to be professional and responsible about what are we doing online. These rules are meant for us to help us get an understanding of how to write when colleges or university are looking on us.

  11. antoniocc

    These guidelines are meant to help you out your blog and how to use it the right way. For example posting things on your blog may cause your future career. As in helping you , understand why your posting something as in is there reasons to post it or why not . Your blog is a dependent way on helping you and your peers as if its in school use work .

  12. adotamat

    The rules on the blog are useful and can really help us in future test, class work, or homework. And shows a good example of what technology is doing to increase our knowledge today.

  13. garciajo

    I think that the rules are good and fair for everybody. We can communicate with other students to get extra help with work. These rules can also help us with personal social media sites such as instagram, twitter, etc.

  14. freelsp

    The guide lines that have been posted seem constructive and right to the point, which is helpful.
    These guide lines are here for that reason, to guide us, to help us get on the right path to success, and to build us up for the next challenge ahead.

  15. huffmana

    The guidelines that have been posted are reasonable. They show how to stay safe on the internet. It also shows me what you expect when you look at our blogs and comments.

  16. millerkai

    These rules will not only help us through this class , but these rules apply outside of the classroom, too. They will help us through life as an adult because if you ignore some of these rules it could result in job loss, never getting the job at all, or even lawsuit. For example if you post something private about someone without their permission, they could sue you. That is just one example, these rules are here to help us, so we should follow them in order to avoid a lot of problems.

    • harrisclassroom

      Let’s try again on this comment. Remember to use complete sentences and write something that is worth reading. Two word responses don’t tell us anything.

  17. gueyech

    Thank you for this blog, it not only helped me know what I should do on blogs but also on social media as well. It has shown me that there will be people who will have ill intentions and want to find out who I am. This thought me that I shouldn’t take the work of others and pass it off as my own since it’s plagiarism. This blog also gives people a good way to not get in trouble and connect with others!

  18. cheveza

    The rules that have been posted here are very good and can help us as students pass the AP class. If we could do something extra in class with all of these rules,I would like to be able to communicate with other students from my class. Some activities that can help us get better in class would be the making of projects over the subject we are learning.

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